Mangione Award


2013  - Frank Mangione

2014 - Craig Pratt

2015 - John Wool

Given annually to a Genesee Valley Lacrosse Official Association (GVLOA) Member who has demonstrated the high ideals of professionalism, leadership, passion and above all respect for the game of lacrosse at any level and to GVLOA both on and off the field.  In 1973, Frank became a WNYLOA member, which later became GVLOA.  He served two terms as its President and held various other positions including Vice-President, Treasurer, Interpreter and Assignor. A 2001 US Lacrosse Rochester Chapter Hall of Fame inductee he voluntarily served on numerous US Lacrosse committees. He also represented GVLOA on the United Sports Board Council advancing the game of lacrosse, serving as its President for 4 years.  Working tirelessly for over 30 years, Frank’s dedication advanced the officials association, the game of lacrosse, and all its members to new levels of excellence.

To receive this highest honor given by GVLOA, candidates must demonstrate the same or greater commitment for the game of lacrosse and to the association.  They should hold at minimum a ten-year membership in the association and through their efforts both on and off the field advanced the game of lacrosse with a special commitment to officiating the game.

GVLOA Lacroosse Achivement Award


2013  - Paul Wilson

2014 - Mike Simon

2015 - Jim Malloy

This award recognizes an individual(s) or organization(s) whose work educates through knowledge and through experience the sport of lacrosse for either individuals or groups.  Recipient(s) can be an official, athletic director, past player, coach, sports writer or staff member who have provided a demonstrated contribution to lacrosse at any level and enhance the game through a commitment of leadership, and judgment that enhances the game and its participants. Recipients are serious contributors to the sport of lacrosse.  This award can be given to one or more recipients, although it does not have to be presented each year.